Acumen Track X7 with AC ON Off Alert,SOS Button, Engine Cut Off GPS Device for Car and Bike GPS Tracker



Acumen track serving since last 7 years across the country to more than 50000+ customers and established the name of trust, stable services, durable products and best after sales support. Our prime objective is to deliver quality product along with peace of mind which make us a reliable “BRAND” not merely a name. Device Compatibility: – This Tracker is compatible for all kinds of vehicles, which are having internal battery from 9V to 90V DC. Installation – Acumen Wired GPS device can be installed in your vehicles easily with the help of Installation Tutorial videos available at our YouTube channel. Moreover we will give you user manual & telephonic assistance while doing the installation. Please be rest assure. Installation is our responsibility. Product Warranty & Replacement – 1 Year on-site replacement warranty from your door step. Tech Supports- 10:00 Am to 7:00 Pm Monday to Saturday at 99104-98240 / 9311411116/ 8929698896 Acumen GPS Tracker empowered you with our exciting feature. 1- Real Time (24×7) Vehicle location tracking on various platforms Android/IOS /Web, Acumen Track Powered by Google Street & Satellite map and integrated with paid google APIs not local’s maps. Our device is running on Indian server Acumen Track not on any chines server. 2- Route play back gives you, View detailed route of Moving vehicle with the speed and distance. 3- AC ON/OFF Notification – When-ever your vehicle AC will be ON/OFF , you will get the notification and can avoid mis-usage of AC which can save fuel cost in your absence. 4- SOS & Panic Button- This devices comes with SOS button , By Pressing SOS button in case of emergency , A call will be generated to the admin number and SOS notification comes on mobile application which can give extra edge of additional security. 5- You will be notified, whenever Ignition will be ON/OFF, in case of over speed, Tempering with Device. 6- You can Remotely Cut-OFF engine of your vehicles vio Acumen Track mobile application in case of theft or any miss-happening 7- You can Activate Tow Mode & Parking model, while parking your vehicles, which will keep your vehicle safe, and notify you, in case any Tow/moving activity happens while Tow Mode activated. 8- Geo Fence- Create Unlimited Geo fence and receive all notification and every time you can keep your eye on your vehicle or on your loved one. They will never far from your sight. 9- View detailed Vehicle trip report current and last 90 Days which can be downloaded in excel and PDF format as-well with complete states reports, such as How Many KM vehicles traveled /How Many hours Run/Stop/Idle, also can watch video play-back with the time and speed from playback option. 10- Vehicles search option – You can create route of your vehicles’ parked place with the help of Acumen Track Mobile application Subscription: – We provide 1 Year free tracking on our ads free tracking software which hosted on fastest server to gives you real joy of tracking, post 1 year 600 rs annual charges are applicable for tracking software. Note – You also required one sim card which must have valid data pack and SMS pack plan after purchasing GPS device. Service & Support you may call our below numbers 99104-98240 / 9311411116/ 8929698896