Acumen Track UC 900i (Water Proof, Inbuilt Battery) GPS Tracker for Car, Bike , bus With One Year free Mobile App And SIM Data


  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Acumen GPS Tracker (Compatible with all types vehicle Car, Bus Bike, Truck etc.) | Free 1 Year Acumen Track App subscription | Free 1 Year SIM Card Data | Wiring Diagram, User Manual, Warranty Card & Username and Password for Login | Free Customer Support, One Year Replacement Warranty.
  • FASTEST INDIAN SERVER – Run on own fastest Acumen Track Indian Server not on slow Chinese server which takes 10 minutes in just for login each time, And always showing you Wrong location and report.
  • 3 MONTH PLAYBACK HISTORY – Watch full day history of your vehicle with all details like maximum speed, Number of kilometres, Number of time Engine On/Off. You can watch 90 day’s history.
  • ANTI THEFT ALARM AND PARKING MODE – Instant alarm in case of theft case such as ignition turn on or towing of vehicle. This device is come with parking mode feature if you turn on the parking mode you will get Alarm on your mobile in case of theft and towing, and your mobile will start vibrating
  • ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY- Our device comes with 1 year replacement warranty. We always believe in quality. But if any issue comes we will replace your device free of cost. Only burnt & damaged products will not come under warranty. We are giving this facility all over India.


Introduction: – UC-900 is very unique, accurate and highly sensitive GPS chip set  which has highly rated by users. This is compatible for all kinds of vehicles, such as car, bike, truck, bus, Auto,JCB, Tractor.Or any other vehicle which moves and having battery fitted irrespective of any brands . This device is water resistant and having 100 MAH small inbuilt battery also which ensure to keep tracking the vehicles for sometime even power disconnected from vehicle’s battery and at the same time generate the power disconnect alert so that you can know wire has disconnected from the vehicle.

13 Awesome Key Features integrated on our app which you going to enjoy.

We provide tracking service on our fastest tracking platform which is completely ads free and hosted on dedicated server which gives you real joy of tracking without any ads interruption. You can use multiple platforms Android tracking APP/IOS APP /Web.

1-Real time (24×7) tracking of your vehicle, even your vehicle is thousand miles away from you, still you can know the location on Map/Satellite view on our APP.

2- You will get last 90 days traveled history play back backup on our server, which can be played any day to catch any suspicious activity or unknown route traveled in past.

3- You can remotely Cut-off engine by our mobile APP to secure your vehicle in case theft.

4- Ignition ON/OFF Alert will keep you updated when your vehicle Ignition ON/OFF with location and time.

5- Over Speed alert keep your vehicle safe from rough usage if you are not driving you car,

6- Power Connect Disconnect Alert- If in case anyone is trying to theft your vehicle’s battery, Acumen track will instantly notify you by power disconnect alert which will help you to safe your battery from un-wanted theft.

7- Geo Fence Alerts- You can create Unlimited Geo Fence, whenever your vehicle will IN/OUT in that certain set zone; you will instantly get the alert.

8-Parking Mode keep your vehicle safe if in case, anybody moves vehicle when parking mode is ON , than you will get a strong buzz in your phone so that you can know, parked vehicle is now moving without your consent. –

9 Tow Mode if activated at our tracking app and someone tow your vehicle, you will instantly get buzz in your mobile phone.

10- Daily States Reports- You will get Daily states Report , Like how many Km your vehicle has traveled , How many hours has  traveled and how many hours keep stopped which will help you to analysis overall usage of your vehicle . You can also download this data in excel and PDF format for last 90 days from Daily Travel Summary section in Excel format also.

11- You can Search nearby Police Stations/ATM/Restaurant/Hotels/Garage with our Mobile App quickly in case you have been traveling on highway or any place.

12- Location Sharing Option- You can also share your vehicle’s location with your friends and family without sharing you login credentials so that they can track you, if you are on the long trip or traveling on odds hours.

13- Maintenance Reminders- You can set the Due dates for Oil and Flitter change, Wheel balance & alignment, or any service which will be due in future for your vehicle so that you can never miss the date , Acumen Track APP will send you reminder  on due date..

14- You can also change the language also from setting as per your choice as by default we set engine , in case you wish you set your local language , you can change the sane   Like. Hindi,Marathi,Bangali ,Tamil,Telgu,Gujrati,Punjabi, ETC


Installation- GPS Installation is very easy which can be done by any local car electrician as only 4 wires need to connected so no high-tech or advanced skills are required to install the device. However we also provide you installation user manual, video explanation, and telephonic guidance. Activation Support Desk is operantial between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Mon to Sat.

Support Desk number 99104-98240 93114-11116

Customer Support and warranty – We (Acumen Track) have quality check & inspection department, where we tested our all the devices at three stages, on the successful quality test report only, our inspection team moves the unit to our warehouse and marked it saleable which means only tested and quality approved devices moves to saleable inventory therefore we have recorded 0.1% hardware complain ratio however still if any issue occurred in GPS device,  We offer 1 year warranty (effective from purchase date) which you can claim any day during the period of the warranty.


We highly value our customers, hence we have door to door service, you not need to visit any place, our logistics person will come to your door and pick-up the damaged product, once we received the product at our service center and found any fault which is not able to be fixed, will replace it with new device within 2 days of the delivery.  For initiate a Device Replacement

Call us – 89296-9889 Email


Subscription – We provide 1 Year free tracking on our ads free tracking software which hosted on fastest server to gives you real joy of tracking along with SIM Card recharge with Data and SMS Pack which means till 1 year you even not required to recharge SIM card as-well as it’s completely free along with this model, post 1 year 1499/- Rs annual charges are applicable for  SIM card recharge and software services .


Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 cm